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  Commencement Date and Term 开工日期及期限

  Job Title and Description 职务及岗位职责

  Employee Compensation 雇员薪酬

  Employee Benefits 雇员福利

  Vacation 假期

  Duty to Devote Full Time 全职工作的职责

  Conflict of Interest 利益冲突

  Confidential Information 保密信息

  Termination of Employment 雇佣终止

  Non-Competition and Non-solicitation 竞业禁止

  Notices and Additional Clauses 通知及附加条款

  Modification of Agreement 合同的修订

  Governing Laws and Jurisdiction 适用法律及司法管辖权

  THIS EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT dated this ____ day of ___

  本雇用合同签订于 年 月 日。


  ___(the "Employer") OF THE FIRST PART公司名称(以下简称“雇主”)

  AND 和

  _____ OF THE SECOND PART (the "Employee") (以下简称“雇员”)



  A. The Employer is of the opinion that the Employee has the necessary qualifications, experience and abilities to assist and benefit the Employer in its business.


  B. The Employer desires to employ the Employee and the Employee has agreed to accept and enter such employment upon the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement.


  IN CONSIDERATION OF the matters described above and of the mutual benefits and obligations set forth in this Agreement, the receipt and sufficiency of which consideration is hereby acknowledged, the parties to this Agreement agree as follows:


  Commencement Date and Term 开工日期及期限

  1. The Employee will commence permanent full-time employment with the Employer on the ____(the "Commencement Date").

  雇员将于 年 月 日开始工作(以下简称“开工日期”),从事该常设的全职工作。

  2. The Employee has a probationary period of Three (3) months (the 'Probationary Period') beginning on the Commencement Date. At any time during the Probationary Period, as and where permitted by law, the Employer will have the right to terminate employment without any notice or compensation to the Employee other than wages owed for days of work already completed.


  Job Title and Description 职务及岗位职责

  3. The Employer agrees to employ the Employee as _____. The Employee will be expected to perform the following job duties: see attachment for Job Description.

  雇主同意雇员担任____ 一职。雇员应履行以下工作职责:详见岗位职责。

  4. The Employer cannot unilaterally and significantly change the Employee's job title or duties. The Employer may make changes to the job title or duties of the Employee where the changes would be considered reasonable for a similar position in the industry or business of the Employer. The Employee's job title or duties may be changed by agreement and with the approval of both the Employee and the Employer.


  5. The Employee agrees to abide by the Employer's rules, regulations, and practices, including those concerning work schedules, vacation and sick leave, as they may from time to time be adopted or modified(see attachment for Employer's rules and regulations). This Agreement shall be read in conjunction with the Employer's rules and regulations which may be amended from time to time by the Employer at its absolute discretion and the Employee hereby agrees to perform and observes the same without reservation whatsoever.

  雇员确认,应遵守雇主公司包括有关工作时间、假期、病假等内容的规章制度, 且该等规章制度可不时被修订或批准实行(详见公司规章制度)。本合同应结合雇主公司的规章制度共同理解。公司规章制度经公司决定可不时地被修订,雇员同意毫无保留地履行并遵守所有规定。

  Employee Compensation 雇员薪酬

  6. Compensation paid to the Employee is at the rate of _____ (CND/ USD / HKD) per month. The average working hours is 40 hours per week, the working hour will not exceed 44 hours per week, if worked passed 44 hours, the wage for the additional hours will be 1.5 times of the Employee’s regular wage. As well as working on a public holiday, the wage will be treated as Overtime Paid. The Overtime Paid will be paid according to the related law and regulation of the government.

  雇员的薪酬按每月____ 元(加币/美元/港币)的标准支付。每周工作时间为40小时,每周工作时间不得超过44小时,如超过44小时的,则超时期间应以雇员正常工资的1.5倍支付工资。 在公众假期工作的,则应当支付加班费。加班费应根据政府的相关法律法规的规定予以支付。

  7. This Compensation (before tax) will be payable ____ (date)while this Agreement is in force by (cheque/transfer).


  Place of Work 工作地点

  8. Usually the Employee's primary place of work will be at the following location:

  160 Gibson Drive Markham Ontario L3R 3K1.

  But occasionally may possibly be going to other Education (branches) Centres for special events or on exchange for more learning experiences.

  通常情况下,雇员的主要工作地点位于以下地址:安大略万锦市Drive 160号。


  Employee Benefits 雇员福利

  9. After the probationary period, Employers will provide the benefit of the Employment Insurance (EI) and Canada Pension Plan (CPP)(US:Employment Insurance and Pension Plan /HK :Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes(MPF)). Thus it would be best for Employee to provide their SIN card and record the Social Insurance Number for reference.

  试用期结束后,公司将为雇员购买加拿大就业保险及加入退休金计划(美国:就业保险及退休金计划 / 香港:强积金计划)。因此,雇员应提供本人的社会保险卡及社会保险记录以备用。

  Vacation 假期

  10. The Employee will be entitled to two weeks of paid vacation each year during the term of this Agreement.


  11. The times and dates for any vacation will be determined by mutual agreement between the Employer and the Employee.


  12. For any public holidays which falls on a day that would ordinarily be a working day for the Employee, the Employee should have a day off by law.


  Duty to Devote Full Time 全职工作的职责

  13. The Employee agrees to devote full-time efforts, as an employee of the Employer, to the employment duties and obligations as described in this Agreement.


  Conflict of Interest 利益冲突

  14. During the term of the Employee's active employment with the Employer, it is understood and agreed that Employee cannot make his/her own business similar to Art Space (“the Company”), and any business opportunity relating to or similar to Art Space may coming to the attention of the school, is an opportunity belonging to the school.


  15. During the term of the Employee's active employment with the Employer, the Employee will not, directly or indirectly, engage or participate in any other business activities that the school, in its reasonable discretion, determines to be in conflict with the best interests of the Art Space.


  Confidential Information 保密信息

  16. The Employee acknowledges that, in any position the Employee may hold, in and as a result of the Employee's employment by the Employer, the Employee will, or may be making use of, acquiring or adding to information which is confidential to the Employer (the "Confidential Information") and the Confidential Information is the exclusive property of the Employer. Without prejudice to the general duty of confidence of the Employee towards the Employer, the Employee shall not, during his employment with the Employer and for a period of twelve(12) months thereafter:


  16.1 divulge or communicate to any person(s) except to those of the officers of the Employer whose province it is to know the same; or


  16.2 use for his own purpose or for any purpose other than those of the Employer; or


  16.3 through any failure to exercise all due care and diligence, cause any unauthorized disclosure of any secret, confidential or private information relating to the private affairs of the Employer or being bound by an obligation of confidence to any third party provided that these restrictions shall cease to apply to any information or knowledge which may become available to the public generally.


  17. The Confidential Information will include but not limited to: 保密信息包括但不限于:

  Student recruiting proposal and methods 学员招募提案及方法

  Lesson plans, teaching proposals and course outline课程规划,教育提案及课程大纲

  Working regulations and management systems工作规章及管理体系

  Students and family information in any form 任何形式的学员及家庭之信息

  Number of students 学员人数

  Any types of events/activities proposal and lesson plans任何形式的活动提案和课程计划

  Blueprints/ graphic designs or any school related property images and information


  Interior designs/ decorations proposals, images and information


  Company assets, operating status, investment targets, accounting, bookkeeping, wage information, and any financial database


  18. Any work that the Employee was assigned or done under the Employer or on behave of the school belongs to company’s intellectual properties or intangible assets, these will include but not limited to:


  Lesson plans, teaching proposals and course outline 课程计划,教育提案及课程大纲

  Information related to work, skills, technological achievements, built up reputations


  Classroom decorations/designs and any public place designs/decorations in school properties


  Activities and events photos or video images活动之照片或影像资料

  During the terms of this agreement, any art pieces, works, and designs made by the Employee using school materials, supplies, skills and information in forms of electronic version, print outs, handmade, or hard copies


  Termination of Employment 雇佣终止

  19. The Employee and the Employer agree that reasonable and sufficient notice of termination of employment by the Employer is the greater of two (2) weeks or any minimum notice required by law.


  20. If the Employee wishes to terminate this employment with the Employer, the Employee will provide the Employer with notice of two (2) weeks. As an alternative, if the Employee co-operates with the training and development of a replacement, then sufficient notice is given if it is sufficient notice to allow the Employer to find and train the replacement.


  21. After the termination of the Employee’s employment hereunder he shall not at any time thereafter represent himself as being in any way connected with or interested in the business of or employed by the Employer, or use or trade or other purposes the name of the Employer or any branches of the Employer or any name capable of confusion therewith.


  Non-Competition and Non-solicitation 竞业禁止

  22. The Employee agrees that during the Employee's term of active employment with the Employer and for a period of two (2) years after the end of that term, the Employee will not engage in any business that is in competition with the business of Art Space.


  23. The Employee shall not, during the employment with the Employer and for a period of 12 months thereafter:


  23.1 Either on the Employee’s own account or for any person, firm, company or organization solicit or entice or endeavour to solicit or entice away from the Art Space any employee, whether or not such person would commit any breach of his contract of employment by reason of leaving the service of the Art Space;


  23.2 Directly or indirectly employ any person whom has at any time during the Employee’s employment hereunder been a servant of or consultant to any branch in the Art Space and who by reason of such employment is or may be likely to be in possession of any confidential information or trade secrets relating to the Employer’s business or the business of the customers of the Employer’s;


  Notices and Additional Clauses 通知及附加条款

  24. Employee need to provide an up to date police check before the Commencement Date.


  Modification of Agreement 合同的修订

  25. Any amendment or modification of this Agreement or additional obligation assumed by either party in connection with this Agreement will only be binding if evidenced in writing signed by each party or an authorized representative of each party.


  Governing Laws and Jurisdiction 适用法律及司法管辖权

  26. This Agreement and the rights and obligations of the parties shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws in force in the Ontario Canada ( State of US/HK SAR).

  本合同以及合同双方的权利和义务受加拿大安大略省(美国 州/香港特别行政区)法律管辖,并按该地区现行的法律解释。

  EMPLOYER: 雇主:(Company’s name公司名称)


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答:我们可以用笔译项目为例分析一下成本,生产直接成本:优秀的译员难得,现在满世界都是自称英语很好的人,包括很多专业八级,但翻译能做得好的人寥寥。物以稀为贵!项目管理和运营成本:好的项目管理和客服人员也是好的服务所必不可少的,他们能准确把握客户的需求,实施规范的项目流程,因此对他们的语言、沟通以及项目驾驭和软件使用能力都有较高的要求。 生产流程的每个环节要不折不扣地执行都会发生相应的成本,比如TEPQ(翻译+校对+编辑+质保),如果是通过翻译公司偷工减料缩减流程而换来的低价,最终损害的还是客户自己的利益。

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