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AGREEMENT OF EQUIPMENT ERECTION SUPERVISION 设备安装指导协议 Signature date of 签署日期 This agreement is signed by and between Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called as PARTY A) and LTD. (hereinafter called as PARTY B) whereby PARTY A a




  Signature date of 签署日期

  This agreement is signed by and between Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called as "PARTY A") and

  LTD. (hereinafter called as "PARTY B") whereby PARTY A agrees to send 2(two) textile engineers to make direction and supervision of equipment erection on the terms and conditions as follows:


  1. Scope of work: 工作范围

  Under necessary conditions provided by PARTY B, the engineer is responsible for giving supervision instructions for carrying out the installation in co-operation with the engineers and technicians of PARTY B for the textile equipment supplied by PARTY A under the Proforma Invoice No.


  For PARTY A : 甲方的义务

  1). To assist the technical personnel of PARTY B to make inspection and calibration of the centre line and side line of machines to ascertain the outlet position of wiring pipes and to fix the position of the foundation bolts of machines before erection.


  2). To give guidance and proposal for putting cases in line with procedure of the erection, transportation, unpacking and cleaning the parts ( including how to prevent rust etc.).


  3). To supervise erection of machines and to train the buyer's technicians and workers to make maintenance and overhaul of machines.


  For PARTY B: 乙方的义务

  The following works have to be done well before the arrival of engineer:

  1). To keep the machines, spare parts and accessories supplied by PARTY A properly.


  2). To provide general tools, lubricant materials and accessories etc. Required for the execution of erection and trial production.


  3). To meet the requirment of erection and trial production, the buyers shall provide a engineer of maintenance and repair to undertake the following works: welding, turning, benching, planing, drilling, tinner's work, masonry and carpentry etc..


  4). To provide following facilities namely: air-condition, power and water supply, transport equipment and to arrange necessary operators and workers for erection and trial production. Trial production will be executed by the PARTY B with the assistance of the engineer.


  5). To organize and administer all labours. 组织管理所有的工人。

  6). To appoint a representative to get in touch with the leader of engineer. An interpreter (Chinese & English) will be arranged by Party B.


  2. Term of work: 工作期限

  The terms of work for the engineer is temporarily fixed for 4 months on the basis of 48 ( forty eight ) hours each person per week. If the term of work requires prolongation, it shall be settled through negotiation. However the reason for prolongation for which PARTY A is not responsible, they will get additional erection charges from PARTY B proportionally.


  3. Erection chargers: 安装费用

  The salary of the engineer should be borne by PARTY A. Allowance/Pocket money (not less than USD $20 each person per day) should be borne by PARTY B and the payment should be made monthly to the engineer by cash.


  4. Fees/charges: 费用

  From the time of their departure of the engineer to the time of their return to China, the members of the engineer are entitled to the following:


  1). Travelling expenses: 旅行费用

  A). The return air-tickets for the engineer from China to Pakistan will be borne by PART B. and sent by DHL.


  B). The airport tax and foreign travel tax which are charged by airport authorities in Pakistan shall be borned by PARTY B.


  2). Accommodation: 食宿

  A). PARTY B shall provide food & mineral water free of charges。 乙方提供免费食物和饮水。

  B). PARTY B shall provide lodging free of charge for the members of engineer during their stay in Pakistan and be responsible for their security.


  3). Taxes: 税收

  All the taxes according to the laws of PARTY B' s government shall be borne by PARTY B. PARTY B agrees to shoulder the cost of insurance of PARTY A provided injury occurs in Pakistan.


  4). Medical care: 医疗

  In case of an epidemic occurred, the PARTY B shall take all necessary prophylactic measures. If any member of engineer falls ill within the period of stay, as stipulated in the agreement, the charges for medical care in Pakistan shall be on the account of PARTY B provided these illnesses are contracted in Pakistan.


  5). Holidays: 假期

  During the period of stay in PARTY B,the engineer shall have the same working hours as PARTY B, but not more than 8 (eight) actual work hours per day. The engineer will fllow the holiday of PARTY B.


  The settlement of outstanding question in this agreement shall be made through consultation freindly by both the parties.


  This agreement is signed in English and Chinese, each copy to be kept by each party.



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