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  Translated from Chinese to English by Mr. CHANG YUNE-JUNE


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  总则 Overviews

  一、买卖标的品种及质量 Variety and Quality of Transaction Subject

  二、买卖计价单位 Valuation Unit of Transaction

  三、买卖数量限制 Quantity Limitation of Transaction

  四、买卖价格确定 Determination of Transaction Price

  五、买卖方式选择 Mode Selection of Transaction

  六、买卖规则 Transaction Rules

  七、实物交收 Material Delivery

  八、免责条款 Exceptions

  九、其他事项 Miscellaneous

  附件一 Appendix One:电子商务远程买卖细则


  甲方:香港中金资本有限公司 Party A : HK GOLD CAPITAL LIMITED

  乙方: Party B ( client ):


  Parties hereto, in accordance with the principles of equality, voluntary, honesty and through amicable negotiation, enter into this contract on the project of the extension delivery of gold spot transaction, parties hereto agree as follows for performance and observation:

  总则 Overviews


  Parties acknowledge and agree that party B has fully understood, on the date of signature hereof, the risks in the business of extension delivery of gold spot transaction. At the process of gold spot transaction both profit and loss may be possible due to the gold price mechanism being subject to the influence of uncertain world factors of several kinds.


  Please carefully read this contract and attachments herewith before signature of contract, especially the relevant agreements on titles, liabilities, provision of exemption and the likes. Party B’s signature will represent and means that party B has carefully read, understand and agree all contents of contract and its attachments.


  The signature of this contract is subject to the authorization of HK GOLD CAPITAL LIMITED with the purpose of gold spot transaction and opening account settlement for party A’s operation.

  一、买卖标的品种及质量 Variety and Quality of Transaction Subject

  1}买卖品种及质量品级是指纯度为 99.99% 的,同时符合国内、国际黄金流通市场销售标准的金条或相同品质的黄金制品。

  The kind and quality grade of transaction subjects refer to the golden bar of which the purity is 99.99% and conform to international gold market’s sale standards, or other golden products.


  Term explanation: the purchase of golden bar refers to that party B, pursuant to the current price in international market, buys the gold on-hand merchandise at same time hole the warehouse receipt of properties which may be delivered on spot.


  Selling out of gold bar refers to that Party B, pursuant to the current price in international market, sells out its holding the warehouse receipt of on –hand gold merchandise.


  Delivery of on-hand merchandise refers to that party B, on fundamentalof its holding warehouse receipt, withdraw the gold products or the customer returns cash which value equal to the standard golden bar subsequent to selling out the golden products.

  二、买卖计价单位 Valuation Unit of Transaction

  买卖是以国际标准黄金计量单位:美元 /盎司计价。

  Units of measurement of gold transaction is subject to international standard, viz. price of US Dollar / Ounce.

  一盎司=31.1035克 An ounce =31.1035 gram

  为了避免承担客户的汇率风险,折算人民币计价时,客户确认固定换汇率人民币 /美元为


  For the purpose of avoidance from undertaking client’s exchange risk at the time of conversion of RMB valuation, client agree and confirm that the fixed exchange rate of RMB / USD is 1:7.

  三、买卖数量限制 Quantity Limitation of Transaction

  本合同所指的黄金现货交易延期交收数量为每个交易单位5盎司。单笔最大交易为 800盎司。

  The amount of the extension delivery of gold spot transaction which is referred herein is 5 ounces per transaction unit and the maximum amount of each transaction is 800 ounces.

  四、买卖价格确定 Determination of Transaction Price

  买卖时以国际黄金市场适时价格为依据,并依据国际同步的电子商务平台进行交易,在报价时美元 /盎司是交易数据。

  The transaction will be conducted on the fundamentalof the current price of international gold market in addition to the commerce platform being international synchronization, and USD / Ounce is the transaction fundamentalfor quotation of price.

  五、买卖方式选择 Mode Selection of Transaction


  Client may select at its discretion the on-site or long-distance transaction or long-distance ordering.


  The site-transaction refers to the same on which party B conduct, on the current price of international gold market, at the site which is designated by party A or agreed by parties hereof.


  The long-distance transaction or ordering refers to the same which party B conduct at the site which is selected by itself, through the electronic commercial platforms of communication and network and so on, particulars of which are as follows:


  Transaction of phone-declaration refers to that party B, on the fundamentalof transaction by staff’s current quotation, confirm its business intention and amount for which staff conduct the operation on party B’s instruction.


  Transaction of electronic declaration refers to that party B conduct the transaction on electronic commercial platform of international gold market through the internet self-service declaration which is entered into depending on the transaction account and password.


  Party B may select by itself one of following means to carry out the delivery.


  Spot delivery refers to the term of gold delivery which is required by party B is within the period of five days ( and including ) on and from the establishment of contract after placing an order.


  Anticipated delivery refers to the term of gold delivery which is required by party B is within the period of five days ( except including ) on and from the establishment of contract after placing an order, the specific date of delivery will be otherwise designated by party B and party A will make operation under party B’s direction.


  The specific provisions of the deferred delivery transaction through party B’s long-distance transaction are defined in APPENDIX ONE; party B will, making reference to APPENDIX ONE, conduct the deferred delivery through spot transaction. Provided that party B make delivery of gold on the date which is designated, the procedure and rules of gold delivery will be executed pursuant to Article Severn hereof.

  六、买卖规则 Transaction Rules


  Deposit: Party B’s deferred delivery will be conducted by deposit for which the detail rules are made reference to APPENDIX ONE.

  2、买卖程序 Transaction Procedure


  Party B’s transaction should be subject to the signature of written contract, the transaction contract include the same in writing and the original data which are recorded in computer of the electronic commercial platform and so on.


  Provided that party B conduct the spot transaction, party B should on the time of carrying out transaction sign written contract of sale.


  Respect to party B’s long-distance transaction, party B should confirm the original data of electronic commercial platform have the equal legal force and effect with the written sale contract, viz. the fundamentalof each transaction’s establishment; Party B may require to make signature of the written contract at business place as supplementary agreement.


  Party B may directly order the instructions of sale, deposit appropriation and may authorize other to order the instructions of sale, deposit appropriation and signature of contract, provided that no any instruction of sale, deposit appropriation and signature of contract can be issued to party A’s staff.


  In the event that party B entrust other to make the signature of written sale contract, party B should submit the Power of Attorney on which the entrusted term limited and authorized items should be specified. The Power of Attorney should be subject to party A’s review and exam before the agent can conduct relative acts for which any legal consequences will be undertaken by party B itself.


  Any agent which is authorized by party B can, within the authorization scope, operate party B’s sale account for and on behalf of party B, provided that any statement or guarantee make by entrusted agent to party B will not be constitute the same of party A and party B specifically agree that party A will assume no liability or responsibility for any act and behavior conducted by the authorized agent of such kind.

  3、结算 Settlement


  The immediate settlement of party B’s order will, within the period of transaction, pursuant to the alteration of international market price, be conducted by electronic commercial system.

  4、代理费 Commission Fees


  Party B should on the provisions hereinafter pay the commission fees to party A.

  (1)乙方申请实物交收的,按本合同第七条第 3款第(3)项支付相关费用。

  Party B should, pursuant to the provision of (3) Paragraph 3 , Article Seven, effect payment of relevant charges for gold delivery.

  (2)乙方未申请实物交收的,买入或卖出应当支付一定比例的手续费。(单边) 155元人民币 /100盎司

  Party B should, in the absence of application of gold delivery, effect the pro rata payment of commission fees for purchase or sell should be effected, for which ( unilateral )155 Yuan RMB / 100 Ounces.

  (3)隔夜仓息:乙方买入黄金的,如黄金持有时间超出买入黄金次日凌晨 6:00的,则乙方需支付甲方隔夜补偿金每 100盎司 80元人民币;乙方卖出黄金的,则甲方需向乙方支付隔夜补偿金每 100盎司 50元人民币。

  Overnight interest: Provided that party B purchase gold and the period of holding gold exceed next day’s dawn 6:00 after purchase of gold, party B should make compensation to party A, of 80 Yuan RMB for 100 Ounces as the overnight interest; however in case of party B’s sell of gold, party A should pay the compensation of overnight interest to party B for 50 Yuan RMB for 100 Ounces.

  七、实物交收 Material Delivery


  The delivery of gold will, being subject to party B’s application, in accordance with following regulations, is executed.


  The Cost of Goods: Party B can not make the application of gold delivery unless and until effecting full payment of goods’ cost pursuant to the agreement.


  Delivery Application: Party B may fill in Delivery Application on the bargain day, or choose other day to fill in.


  Delivery time is the daytime working hours for party A in the normal working days.

  3、提货: Take Delivery of Goods

  乙方提出提货申请并在三个工作日内付清所购买的全部货款并支付加工流通费每 100盎司


  Party B can not take delivery of goods until and unless effect in full amount of payment of goods’ cost in addition to the fees for processing circulation which is 310 Yuan RMB for per 100 Ounces.

  4、交货 Delivery


  Client may, after selling gold bar, choose GUO TAI HUI LI LIMITED COMPANY to make delivery.


  HK GOLDSPLENDOR CAPITAL LIMITED will, upon receipt of client’s gold bar, make inspection of the quality and weight of gold bar.

  实物交收费100盎司 310元及检验费每克 2元由客户支付,检验合格后由中金资本有限公司于二个工作日内结清全部货款。

  Delivery Fees of 310Yuan for 100 Ounces in addition to the inspection fee of 2 Yuan for per gram will be on client’s account and HK GOLDSPLENDOR CAPITAL LIMITED will, upon the inspection qualification, make settlement of full payment of goods’ cost within two working days.

  八、免责条款 Exceptions


  Party A will undertake non- responsibilities of risks relating to interruption and delay of sales due to the reasons of force majeure including earthquake, fire and war and so on, provided that should, to the extent which is practicable, take necessary remedy measurement to reduce the loss which is caused by force majeure.


  Party A shall not be responsible for party B’s loss which is due to the amendment of State’s law, regulation, rule and policy and the emergency measures issued by State.


  Party A will not undertake the responsibility of party B’s loss which is causing by the delay of the transmission and execution of instruction, which due to the interruption of communication facility and electrical power, internet breakdown and so on.

  九、其他事项 Miscellaneous


  Dispute Settlement: Any dispute which arise out of the contract execution should be tried to make settlement by amicable negotiation between parties hereof.


  Termination: Each party hereof may, at any time inform in written notice opposite party the termination of contract, which will be effective upon the date of notice’s arrival of opposite. Party B should on the termination date make full payment of all sums due and payable to party A, such sum payable include but not limit following items:

  (1)所有应付费用和手续费; All payable fees and handing charge;

  (2)所有因终止合同而产生的费用 Fees caused by the termination of contract;

  (3)所有因交收而发生的费用 Fees due to delivery of golden bar.


  This contract will, after termination and before full settlement of sums payable between parties, still has legally banding force on parties hereof, and the remaining sum of transaction deposit will be refunded to party B by party A.


  Appendix: The appendix hereof include that Appendix One Rule of Long-distance Business, Appendix Two Warning of Risks, Appendix Three Letter of Authority and Appendix Four Supplementary Information. Appendix are the integral component hereof and have the same legal force and effect with contract.


  Contract Effect: This contract is enter into two copies and become effective upon parties’ signature / steal. The transaction by parties during contract effective period should be subject to the provisions of this contract.

  甲方:Party A 签章 Signature

  乙方: Party B 签章 Signature:

  附件一 Appendix One:




  WHEREAS the particularity and characteristics of the long-distance transaction of gold, the formulation of Appendix One hereof is made on the relevant rules concerning to the delay delivery in long-distance transaction and Appendix One, as the integral part hereof, has same legal force and effect with contract, by which parties should commonly obey.

  第一条 定义 Definition


  The term Long-distance Transaction herein means the same which is made in the place selected by party B at its option, through communication, internet and so on, the main form are including as follows:


  Party B carry out computer self-service transaction through LAN.


  Party B carry out self-service transaction on electronic commercial platform through internet.

  (3)电话报单买卖: Transaction through telephone declaration.


  Transaction Records refer to the original transaction data which are deposited in the electronic commercial platform and all written information which are formed on the fundamental of the original data abovementioned.

  2、风险率=净值/占用预付定金 ×100%。

  The risk rate = net worth/takes the deposit ×100%.

  第二条 买卖时间 Transaction Time

  星期一上午 06:00至星期六凌晨 05:00(如有节假日等交易时间变更,以通知为准)。

  From 06:00 AM on Monday to 05:00 AM Saturday, if, any alteration of transaction falls on holiday, shall be subject to notice thereof.

  第三条 买卖单位及基础定金 Transaction Unit and Base Deposit

  1、每壹买卖单位为 5盎司。单笔合同买卖量为 5盎司,买卖数量为 5盎司或 10盎司的倍数。

  Each unit of transaction is five ounces. The transaction quantity of a single contract is five ounces and the transaction quantity is the multiples of five or ten ounces.


  Respect to the immediate transaction, the fundamental deposit on certain proportion of selling or buying value should be effected for the financial guarantee of transaction performance. No transaction will be carried out until or unless receipt of such deposit which may be made the adjustment as the case of market may be.

  第四条 基础定金的支付 Deposit Payment


  Party A should, upon signature of this contract, deposit 10000 US Dollar into the account which is designed by party A as deposit of transaction.


  The payment of deposit may be effected by the means of cash, promissory note, check and bank draft, where the payment by cash, promissory note, check and bank draft,transaction can not be commenced until and unless the confirmation of party B’s deposit to party A’s account.


  Provided that the adjustment of fundamental deposit amount stipulated in Third provision hereof will be effected pursuant to the market conditions, such adjustment should be subject to the seven day’s announcement or notice on the adjustment.


  Provided that if party B’s deposit amount is manifestly insufficiency and the risks may arise out thereof, party B should added the amount of fundamental deposit.

  5、乙方补付追加定金前,若乙方买卖帐户风险率 ≤20%时,电子商务平台将会自动对乙方买卖帐户内的部分或全部未交收的部分进行处理,并导致乙方交易终止。

  The electronic commercial platform will, where the risk rate of party B’s transaction account≤20%, automatically deal with part or all of party B’s account, and which may bring about the termination of his transaction.

  第五条 买卖密码 Transaction Password


  Party B will, upon party B’s commencement of long distance transaction, provide party B with the initial passwords for transaction, internet entry and phone declaration, party B should timely alter such passwords.

  第六条 授权代理人 Authorized Agents


  Party B may authorize an agent to issue the directions of transaction and deposit allocation and signature of written contract and so on, provided that shall not authorize party A’s employees to issue the directions of transaction and deposit allocation and signature of written contract. Authorized person is referred to Annex Two. Any loss which is arising out of party B’s violation of provision hereof will be undertaken by party B itself.

  第七条 指令下达 Instruction Issuing


  Party B’s direction for transaction may by issued by the means provided in Article One hereof and party A is entitle to reserve the original direction by other means.


  Party B known and agree that computer recording data which are instituted in electronic commercial platform are the symbol of contract establishment, which has the binding force of law on the parties hereto.

  第八条 指令的审核 Verification of Instruction


  Party A is entitle to review the instruction of party A or its agency including whether deposit adequacy, its instruction integrity and accuracy or not so as to confirm the effectiveness of instruction. Where party A, confirm at its sole option party B’s instruction invalid, is entitle to refuse to execute party B’s instruction.

  第九条 指令的撤回和修改 Withdrawal and Alteration of Instruction


  Party B and its agency may, after issuing instruction and before completion of transaction, withdraw or alter instruction hereof, provided that upon completion of transaction party B should undertaken the result of transaction.

  第十条 定金帐户管理 Deposit Account Management


  Party A will open the transaction account for and on behalf of party B.


  Provided that party B fail to conduct any transaction within one month, its account will be locked up by electronic commercial platform; where no transaction within three months party A is entitle to settle its account. The balance of account after effecting settlement will be refunded to party B.


  Party A is entitle transfer deposit from party B’s deposit account in the following cases:


  To effect payment of the deposit balance pursuant to party B’s written instruction.


  Party B should effect payment to party A, of fees for material’s delivery and other costs.

  (3)乙方因买卖产生的亏损; Party B’s loss due to transaction.


  Other items of payment which are agreed by parties hereto in the written agreement signed by party A and party B.

  第十一条 买卖记录单确认 Confirmation List of Transaction


  Party B’s daily transaction will be subject to the record of electronic commercial platform.


  Party B should pay attention to its daily transaction, where party B has any objection on the recorded items in electronic commercial platform, should provide its objection to party A before end of next working day. Provided that party B ‘s failure of providing objection, will be deemed party B’s confirm to the recorded items of electronic transaction and the platform has executed party B’s instruction correctly.


  Party B’s confirmation of electronic transaction record shall refer to party B’s confirmation of the result of actual transaction and corresponding rights and interests. Provided that result of transaction or alteration of rights / interests have not occurred actually, only due to party A’s fault in working, which arise out of the inconsistency between the recorded items in the Settlement List and the actual transaction result , rights / interests, party B’s confirmation will not constitute party B’s actual transaction result and the alteration of rights / interests.


  Party B has read carefully this appendix, understand and agree all provisions above.

  乙方 Party B: 日期 Date:

  附件二 Appendix II

  风险提示书 Warning for Risks


  You are reminded to read carefully following contents so as to understand in accuracy and fullness the risks of long-distance transaction. The effective measurements and current advanced technology including the same of encryption, network and backup, and so on have been adopted to protect the safety of client’s material and transaction, which will be continued necessary renovation along with the emergence of new technology so as to keep safety, efficiency and stability. Nevertheless we, with a view to your interests, hereby remind you that the risks of long-distance self service transaction still exist and not limited following extent.


  You should, on the operation of long-distance transaction, have certain operation experience and transaction procedure so as to prevent economic loss due to improper operatioin.


  The computer and soft system which are used to carry out long-distance transaction should match with our web system, to prevent economic loss which is aroused out of transaction fault due to unsuitable matching.


  The market information which are provided through internet by us to client are only for your reference of investment, and such information may be false or misleading, by which you carry out operation, the risks may be exist.


  Provided that if you conduct transaction by long-distance system, any loss which is due to unpredictable reason or force majuere including but not limited to line, computer and telephone faults, shall be undertaken by yourself, such as


  The reason of internet data translation which bring about the interruption, suspension, delay and data error and so on for the price, instruction and entrustment of transaction;


  Due to system failure, transaction interruption is caused by procedure’s effect, data difference and data loss;

  (3)您的身份可能会被冒充; Your identity may be counterfeited;


  The loss which is due to failure of altering initial password in time after conducting long-distance transaction;


  The loss which arise from counterfeiting caused by loss, disclosure and forgetting of transaction password and the loss occurred before reporting loss thereof.


  The loss due to other reasons which are not attributable to us.


  You should have definite acknowledgement that all effective commissions conducted by transaction password shall be deemed as the effective entrustment by yourself ‘’s putting into and all consequence arising therefrom will be assumed by yourself. You should keep yourself transaction password confidential, where, any loss by counterfeiting arising out thereof due to loss, disclosure and forgetting of seal, password, ID and so on, will be assumed by yourself. Provided that if loss of personal data or forgetting password, you should in time make application of loss reporting and re-applying, alteration, any loss occurred therebefore will be assumed by yourself.


  Any economic loss which arise out of yourself reason in transaction commission will be assumed by yourself.


  This RISK WARNING fail to disclose all risks of long-distance transaction and all cases in the gold spot market, so you are advised to make careful study on contract and appendix thereof prior to opening the long-distance transaction and make objective judgment on yourself capacities of economy, risk control and psychology before deciding whether to proceed with transaction.


  The RISK WARNING above has been, before signature of Client Agreement by myself, careful read and fully understand, and agreed.


  Where any controversy or difference between the versions of Chinese and English, the Chinese version shall be prevail.

  客户签字 Signature by client:

  签署日期 Signature Date:

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