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技术顾问协议 Agreement of Technology Consultation 甲乙双方基于相互的了解及信任,为寻求合作发展,经双方协商,就甲方购买乙方涂H/C保护膜的硅胶水(铂金催化型的)技术配方并聘请乙方作为


  Agreement of Technology Consultation


  For the purpose of cooperation and development, on the basis of mutual understanding and trust, and through consultation, Party A agrees to purchase from Party B the technique formula of silica gel water (Platinum Silicone) for coating H/C protective film and to employ Party B to be his adviser to provide technical information, and Party B agrees to sell the said formula to Party A and to be Party A’s adviser to provide technical information in compliance with the following terms and conditions:

  一、 甲方自2012年1月1日开始正式聘请乙方作为甲方的技术顾问,期限为一年。协议到期前一个月双方再讨论决定下一年度的合作方式。

  1. Party A shall employ Party B to be its technical advisor as of January 1, 2012 with a term of one year. Both parties hereto shall discuss and determine the cooperation manner of the next year by one month prior to the expiry date hereof.

  二、 甲方购买乙方涂H/C保护膜的硅胶水(铂金催化型的)配方(包括胶水原材料的检验方法和检验标准),定价为人民币叁拾万元整(¥300000.00元),付款方式为合作协议签定后甲方支付乙方项目总费用的40%;当项目试生产成功后支付项目总费用的30%,待项目正式投产后支付项目总费用的30%,具体支付方式是甲方以美金的形式直接从香港支付给乙方的韩国帐户。除此之外,甲方承诺:若是此款硅胶保护膜能够成功开发,在正式量产6个月后,确认无质量问题,甲方将会一次支付给乙方人民币壹拾伍万元(¥150000.00元)。

  2. Party A shall purchase from Party B the formula of silica gel water(Platinum Silicone) for coating H/C protective film (including the inspection method and inspection standard of the raw materials used to manufacture silica gel water) at the price of three hundred thousand RMB (300,000 Rmb). Party A shall, upon the execution of this Agreement, pay 40% of the said amount to Party B; upon the successful trial production of the project, pay 30% of the said amount to Party B; and upon the official start up, pay the rest 30% of the said amount to Party B. All the payments shall be effected by Party A in Hong Kong in American dollars to Party B’s bank account in South Korea. In addition, Party A represents and warrants that in case the silica gel protective film product is developed successfully, Party A will, six months after the product is in official batch production and the quality is determined as satisfying, pay one hundred and fifty thousand RMB to Party B in a lump sum (150,000Rmb)。

  三、 乙方将PU泡棉的配方直接告知甲方,并配合指导甲方解决PU泡棉生产过程中的厚度控制和产品及原材料的检验方法和检验标准两个问题。甲方承诺:此项目能够成功的话,在正式生产出合格产品并量产后将一次支付给乙方人民币叁拾万元整(¥300000.00元)。

  3. Party B shall provide the formula of PU-Foam directly to Party A, and assist Party A to control the thickness of PU-foam product in the process of manufacturing and provide inspection methods and inspection standard of raw materials to Party A. Party A represents and warrants that in case this project is successful, Party A will, after a qualified PU-foam product is come into being and the product is in batch-production, pay three hundred thousand RMB (300,000Rmb) to Party B in a lump sum.

  四、 乙方作为甲方的技术顾问需要帮助甲方完成的工作如下:

  4. Party B shall assist Party A as a technical adviser to complete the following tasks:


  shall solve any technical problems arising from or in connection to the implementation of this project;


  shall direct and assist Party A to optimize and improve its management, manufacturing equipment, inspection methods, inspection equipment and other matters in its manufacturing process, and assist Party A to build a complete laboratory with necessary test equipment;


  Party B shall direct Party A to finish coating Party A’s H/C products, including the H/C products, protective film with H/C, protective film without H/C, and newly-developed products in relation to H/C series products or H/C.

  五、 乙方每个月需要到甲方工作3-5天(包括星期六和星期天),平时以邮件或电话的方式指导项目进展。

  5. Party B shall work 3-5 days each month (including Saturday and Sunday) at Party A’s place and, in the rest time, direct the progress of the project via mail or telephone.

  六、 乙方作为甲方顾问期间的月工资为人民币贰万元整(¥20000.00元),乙方每次到甲方现场指导的往返机票和食宿费用均由甲方支付。

  6. The monthly salary for Party B as an adviser of Party A shall be twenty thousand RMB(20000.00Rmb), and Party A shall bear the fees and expenditures incurred by Party B for its travel to and off Party A’s place by plane and for the accommodation in relation to this project.

  七、 乙方承诺其提供给甲方的所有配方的合法性、实用性及先进性,并承诺不得同除甲方和乙方在上海的现有合资公司以外的任何中国境内的其他公司合作;不得将转让给甲方的配方再转让给除甲方以外的任何中国境内的其他公司,并对甲乙双方的合作事宜保密。

  7. Party B shall guarantee the legality, applicability and advancement of all the formulas provided by it to Party A, and shall guarantee it will not cooperate with any company in China other than the existing joint venture established by Party A and Party B in Shanghai. Party B shall guarantee not to assign the said formula to any other company in China other than Party A, and shall maintain the cooperation matters between Party A and Party B in confidentiality.


  8. Party A shall guarantee that it will not assign the said formula that it purchases from Party B to any person or company and shall maintain the cooperation matters between Party A and Party B in confidentiality.

  九、 如因本合同履行发生争议,双方应当协商解决,协商不成时,任何一方均可向深圳市宝安区人民法院起诉。

  9. In case of any dispute in connection to or arising from the execution of this Agreement, both parties hereto shall settle the case through consultation. In case no settlement can be reached, either party may appeal to Shenzhen Baoan People’s Court.

  十、 本合同如有未尽事宜,可由双方另行协商解决。

  10. Any matters not covered herein shall be settled by the two parties through consultation.


  11. This Agreement is effective since being signed/ sealed by both parties.


  12. IN WITNESS THEREOF, this Agreement is made out in two originals, each party holding one. Both copies are equally valid.

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